Coaches Information

COACHES Expectations:

  • Coaches will be on time and prepared for all training sessions and games.

  • Coaches will promote good sportsmanship and lead by example.

  • Coaches will provide opportunities for all players to develop soccer skills and knowledge.

  • Coaches will maintain good communication with players and parents.

  • Coaches will teach players how to win and lose gracefully.

  • Coaches will emphasize team development.

  • Coaches will be professional on sidelines and treat officials and opposing teams with respect.

  • Coaches will hold players accountable who do not abide by good sportsmanship and regular attendance in practice and games.

Coaching Application: follow the link

Coaching Requirements:

  • Concussion online training

  • Safe Sport Training

  • Background Check

  • Coach profile on GotSoccer

Any questions please contact our Director of Coaching, Hunter Roseberry at