Player Information

Lander Strikers is a competitive traveling soccer club. 

If your desire is to stay local and gain soccer experience instead, check out the Lander Recreational soccer program: Lander Thunder

Each player will need two different colored jerseys, black socks and black shorts. These items can be purchased at the Strikers Store

Striker's Refund Policy

Prior to team rostering registration fees may be fully refunded excluding an administrative fee of $25.00.  

After teams have rostered, registration fees may be refunded only for injuries on a pro-rated basis with written request and approval by the LSSC Board.

Player Evaluations

The Strikers Organization and Board uses a player evaluation process as part of the ongoing commitment to create competitive soccer teams focused on improving player skills and creating opportunities for player development.  The purpose of the evaluation is to provide additional information the Board can use to appropriately form teams each season.  This information will be used in conjunction with all other player information, including but not limited to: previous club play, coach input, age, and current player development.

Strikers hosts fall season player evaluations every year to assist in the team formation process.  As outlined in the Board’s team formation procedure, the following protocol will be used. 

Player Identification/Selection (Start of Seasonal Year)

Full, open player evaluations for all Strikers teams/players will be held once a year, at a date(s) set by the Board, between May 31st and August 15th.  The evaluations will be organized by the Director Of Coaching.

Dates for evaluations will be publicized by available media, within reason, to reach as many potential players as possible.

All players will be evaluated, including those who were already rostered on a team in the previous season.

All players (and parents) will sign in for evaluations; this provides the coach with needed player and parent contact information.

Each player will be evaluated based on criteria determined by the Director Of Coaching prior to the evaluation date and that criteria will be age appropriate. 

In the rare instance that a player is unable to attend the evaluation session, a written/email notification by the parents needs to be given to the registrar or the DOC prior to the evaluations.  Arrangements may be made to accommodate the player if possible.  Input from prior coaches or other evaluations the player has participated in will also be used to assist the DOC/Board. Final selection of players for team placement is at the discretion of the DOC/Board.  

All players will be evaluated by the same standards (commitment, skill, attitude, ability, coachability, attendance to practice, etc.).

Strikers club code of conduct

Lander Strikers is a competitive soccer organization. It’s success is determined by players, parents, and coaches working together as a team. Below is an outline of expectations that promote commitment and foster teamwork.