Reloadable Safeway cards

The Grocery Card Program allows families to earn money through the purchase of groceries to support Lander Strikers Soccer. This will serve as the Club’s one and only fundraiser which allows the Club to continue to keep registration and players fees at a minimum. Safeway offers this program and the return is 5% of total purchases. There is no cost to participate in this program.

How does the program work?

Lander Strikers Soccer will give each family one card. Each card is already loaded with $5.00. When you shop, take your reloadable card to the customer service desk or register to load additional funds. You can reload with a check, credit card or cash up to $500. If the card is reloaded at the register, it must be RELOADED in a SEPARATE TRANSACTION PRIOR to the Groceries being scanned.

How is the card tracked?

Tracking your account is easy, your card has a number on the back. When you purchase the card, the number is recorded and associated with Lander Strikers. Lander Strikers will receive a monthly report showing how much money was earned by each card. You can start earning money toward the Club simply by purchasing groceries or gas, right now, at no cost to you!

Get your card balance by checking the bottom of your receipt. Or login to Or call 866.822.6252. Maximize benefits. Sell cards to family members, friends and neighbors. The more cards, the larger the benefit. The average family spends $800/month at the grocery store. That means $40 to go back to Lander Strikers Soccer.

Additional Information:

The cards can be used for groceries, prescriptions and gas. They cannot be used for other gift cards, Ticketmaster or Money Orders.

Cards with a zero balance will become inactive after 90 days. A new card will need to be purchased from Lander Strikers Soccer. Cards purchased from the store will not be linked to Lander Strikers Soccer.


This is a no hassle, no cost way to raise money to help the Club keep registration fees at a minimum . . . if you buy groceries, you’ve got to use these cards!